Linda Hendrickson
Tablet Weaving and Ply-Split Braiding
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Running Dog and Ram's Horn

Running Dog and Ram's Horn are traditional designs found on tablet-woven bands from Turkey and the Balkans. These are among the patterns determined by the threading. A threading diagram shows the placement of colors and threading direction of the tablets, and warps are often made by threading one hole at a time. In this workshop, learn a more efficient, orderly method for threading these patterns, which is a variation of the continuous warp. This involves making a threading plan based on the colors shown on the threading diagram, threading the entire pack with the first color arrangement, and then cutting and tying on new colors as warping proceeds according to your plan. Finally, some tablets need to be flipped and possibly moved to a different location in the pack. Once the tablets are in the correct order, weaving can begin since the warp is already properly tensioned.

Learn how to analyze the threading diagram and make a threading plan, make short continuous warps, and weave bookmark-sized samples for a notebook. Threading diagrams and continuous warping instructions for the patterns shown here are found in Otfried Staudigel's book Tablet Weaving Magic. On the left are Running Dog with elaborate edges and Ram's Horn. On the right are Big Triangle, Ram's Horn, and Star of David.

Big Triangle and Star of David are woven with all of the tablets in one pack. Ram's Horn and Running Dog are more challenging because some of tablets turn in opposite directions part of the time.

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