Linda Hendrickson
Tablet Weaving and Ply-Split Braiding

19th century tablet-woven Bakhtiyari bands and horse head-dress

These images are details of bands in the collection of Fred Mushkat. For more information and photos, see his article, "Persian Warp-Faced Nomadic Bands", HALI, The International Magazine of Antique Carpet and Textile Art, Issue 84, pages 78-87.

These images are from a 19th century tent band. Bakhtiyari goat-hair tents were secured with ropes, and only a few decorative tent bands such as this one are known. The indigo and white pattern area is woven in the 3/1 broken twill, and the borders are warp-twined.

Bakhtiyari headdress detail Bakhtiyari headdress detail
These images are from a late 19th century horse headdress. Like the tent band above, it is woven in the 3/1 broken twill with warp-twined borders. It is embellished with cowrie shells, buttons, tassels, and other objects. A band is folded and sewn to fit the horse's head. Bakhtiyari horse headdresses might be covered so extensively with embellishments that the beautiful weaving is completely obscured!

Bakhtiyari band detail Bakhtiyari band detail The pattern area at the ends of Bakhtiyari tablet-woven bands have simple geometric designs in warp twining, such as the checkerboards and chevrons shown here.

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